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International Accounting

International Accounting

When business crosses international lines, you need specialized accounting and tax services to be successful and stay compliant with foreign laws.

Improved communication and lightning fast Internet capabilities have made doing business across international lines much easier than in the past. However, the tax implications of doing business abroad, working abroad, or owning property abroad are complex.

Our clients frequently find themselves in situations such as:

  • They are foreign residents living and working in the U.S. who must pay the correct tax to our government.
  • They are foreign residents who own property in the U.S. or who want to do so.
  • They are U.S. citizens who live and work abroad who need to file returns in the United States even if they owe no taxes.
  • They are U.S. citizens who own property abroad.
  • They are business clients with foreign sales of production facilities they need to account for.
  • They are multinational corporations doing business in the U.S.

Well equipped to handle these challenging circumstances, the staff at Morgan & Assoicates knows how to navigate the international waters of both personal and business taxation. We are familiar with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and are equipped to work with accepted accounting models used in international finance to prepare financial statements and tax forms for businesses. We are also able to properly advise and assist individuals who must account to multiple governments for employment income, estate taxes, rental income, housing expenses, foreign bank accounts, and other potentially taxable sources of funds.

Along with a comprehensive list of forms and documents for business, we can help keep you in good standing with the U.S. government by filing the following forms and other less common ones which may not be listed:

  • 5471 Information Returns
  • 5472 Information Returns
  • 8865 Information Returns
  • 8804, and 8805 Information returns
  • 1040 NR Non Resident Income Tax Returns
  • Form 1040NR Nonresident income tax return
  • County tangible tax returns
  • Application for Withholding certificate

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