Save Cash Every Year By Learning QuickBooks

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If you’re a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to shave down your expenses.

Anything that inches your bottom line toward profits is a help.

One way you can save money is by learning how to run your own accounting and bookkeeping software.

Choosing the right accounting software

Business owners have tons of options when it comes to accounting software. We covered a few offerings in previous blog.

If you have a very simple business (with no inventory or any equipment, you work from home, and don’t venture too frequently into the realm of cash transactions), you should be able to use a simple accounting option.

If your business will have a physical space (or an online web presence), sales, inventory and equipment, you’ll need to go with a more robust accounting tool.

You’ve likely already heard about QuickBooks, because it’s one of the most widely used and most valuable accounting softwares.

Even CPA firms use QuickBooks. They offer a trove of courses and certifications to keep accountants current on best practices.

Benefits of managing your accounting and bookkeeping

If you’d like to learn more about QuickBooks and how to best utilize the tool for your business, Morgan & Associates offers easy-to-learn QuickBooks training. Just contact our office to set up a training appointment.

You’ll learn how to generate and customize reports, explore audit trails, adjust sales tax settings, set up and run payroll, use projects, work with errors and refunds, write off bad debts, and much more.

After training, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of this helpful accounting program and be able to use it to manage your own business.

Taking your new knowledge into the end of the year will prove invaluable. You’ll have the chance to clean up your books and get yourself current. And looking ahead: tax season is notoriously difficult for entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re handling your tax filing yourself or you’re outsourcing to an accountant, there are a number of steps to take and forms to wrangle if you want to avoid penalties.

Knowing how to navigate QuickBooks will help prepare you for the end of year and getting ready for tax season.

Learning QuickBooks will help you save money

The best part about learning QuickBooks isn’t even the savings you’ll reap when you bring your accounting and bookkeeping in-house.

It’s the confidence you’ll gain in knowing your books are up-to-date, every month. That knowledge gives you freedom to project your future earnings and expenditures.

Instead of wondering where your money will come from, or simply hoping for a big sales month, you’ll know exactly what to expect. You’ll see last year’s numbers and know what to anticipate for this year. And the next year.

You’ll easily notice when something is out of balance and be able to course-correct.

It’s not just accounting and bookkeeping software.

It’s a tool in your arsenal that can shape the face of your business.

If you’d like QuickBooks training from an expert with decades in the business, give us at Morgan & Associates a call.

Your books don’t have to be a chore — let us help you lighten the load.

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