Ask Yourself These 3 Big Questions About Your Previous Fiscal Year

As you think back through the last year of tax season with your current CPA, how did it feel? Was it an overall positive experience? Did everything go as you planned?

Here are 3 major questions to ask yourself about the last fiscal year. If you find too many negative answers, it might be time to honestly assess that CPA relationship.

1. Did the inattention of your CPA firm force you to file an extension?

It’s one thing if you were to blame and didn’t prioritize sending the proper paperwork on time to your CPA firm. But if you had all of your documentation in place and got it to your accountant in early January, you should know a specific reason why an extension was necessary. If not, that would be a red flag to remember.

2. Did you pay too much?

Did you pay too much in taxes? You should know very early in the year how much you’re estimated to pay so you can budget for that quarterly payment. What kind of tax strategy did your CPA firm have in place for your specific business? It shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all form that they use for every single client. Your industry has its own unique strategy so that you can take advantage of specific deductions. You should be aware of it and be partnered for your business goals.

3. Was their communication lacking?

You should always be able to get ahold of your accountant. Did your firm answer your phone calls and your questions? Or did you get the runaround? It’s our experience that if you can’t get ahold of a service vendor, it’s because they haven’t done your work yet. That’s not very professional or responsible. If anything, owning up to the truth goes a long way for an explanation.

What are the pain points you’ve been ignoring with your current CPA?

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